How TCA Chemical Peels Work

Chemical peels are very popular methods of skin care and scar removal. If you are aware about the term “chemical peels”, you must know that there are several types of chemical peels available in the market. They can be differentiated according to the groups of acid that are used in their composition. TCA is the short form of Trichloroacetic acid and is also used as a chemical peel. I have seen TCA chemical peels as the mostly commonly used chemical peels in the market. These peels are used to remove scars, fine lines and wrinkles from our skin’s top layer. However, I think many of you may want to know how TCA chemical peels work on our skin. Actually I had the same question in mind when I heard about the chemical peels for the very first time and I searched on internet to get the answer.

Well after doing a good research on the net and visiting my dermatologist friend- Brian, I found out about the working procedure of the TCA chemical peels. Today I am going to share this with you. But before that you need to know a little about our skin as well.

Our skin has three layers; top, middle and lower layer. The top 2 layers have some sub-layers.

The top layer of our skin is known as epidermis. This layer has pigment cells and our skin color is defined by these cells. This layer constantly sheds the old cells of the skin and welcomes the new one that rise from the deep down. We use lotions, creams and make up on the top layer of our skin.

On the other hand the middle layer is known as dermis. This layer of our skin is supported by a collagen and elastin framework. There are facial fillers, nerves, blood vessels and hair follicles as well.

The main job of TCA chemical peels is to remove the epidermis to a depth. The strength of the peel will decide how deep the removal will be. Peels stimulates dermis in order to produce new skin cells to replace the old dead ones. Normally, peels should be applied in series to keep the reproduction of new cells going on and to help the dermis to be stimulated for a long time. Once you apply the peels on your skin, your skin begins to become frosty. The peel will be neutralized once the desired depth is reached.

This is the amazing work process of popular chemical peels which makes me astonished. I think now you get a good idea about how chemical peels work and will not be afraid of using it.


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