Bollywood Movies- My Daily Diet

Today I woke up a little late in the morning and missed my office bus. Believe me friends, it was not my fault! It was all the temptation of Bollywood and its maddening impact on the movie buff in me. Normally I spend half an hour watching TV after meal every night.   However, last night while surfing from one channel to another, I came across “Sholey” – the great blockbuster being telecast on one of the channels. It was already 11 pm and I knew that I have an urgent appointment this morning; but how could I miss the movie and go to sleep? It was Bollywood calling and how could I ignore it? I am a devout movie buff and Bollywood movies are a special part of my daily diet. I am a fan of Bollywood movies and Sholey, being one of my all-time favorites did the magic yesterday. There was no question of switching off the TV when Jay and Veeru were fighting against Gabbar.

I love action movies most, though I never say no to any kind of Bollywood movies. I have grown up watching them since my childhood. My mom says that when I was a child, I used to stop crying whenever Jitendra, danced! Even now I stay riveted to my seat watching the car chasing sequence of the film Don. I have watched Dhoom 18 times and you can any day treat me to the movie again just to witness the tussle between John (John Abraham- and Abhishek (Abhishek Bachhan-.

I believe that this is not only my story, rather a sample of the Bollywood hypnotism that runs in most Indian veins. We eat, sleep and drink Bollywood movies and live our life with it. The heroes and heroines of those movies become our idol, our inspiration, our first love and our chronic weakness. No matter where you live, whether in the hills of Western ghats in the south, the desert of Rajasthan in the north or in the mangroves of Sunderbans in the east, Bollywood continues to cast its spell on all. Consciously or in our fantasies, we follow their style, their attitude, their dresses as well as their gestures. Actually we want to be like them, we want our lives to be a ‘happily forever’ Bollywood movie. Bollywood movies in turn capture our love, anger, hopes, frustration, envy and lots of other emotions and dish out slices of growing and changing India.

However, not only in India, but also far in the East and across the Atlantic, Bollywood has made its entry. Bollywood is considered as world’s one of the largest film industries with a huge numbers of artists, technicians and workers. My cousin Sonali lives in New Jersey, she called me last month and told how she went to the premier of Ravan with her American boyfriend. She told me that Jim, her boyfriend was so excited by seeing Kareena Kapoor’s dance in the movie.

For some people these movies are nothing but full of fake promises and some unreal stories, but for me and for millions others these are the dreams that we see every day, this is the life that we want to live. We don’t care whether the hero is doing something unrealistic, or exaggerated, the only thing we look for is entertainment in every Bollywood movie. Be it action movie, a comedy, a romantic potboiler or movies on social issues; if it is from the “B-Town”, entertainment is guaranteed.

History of various Mixed Martial Arts forms

At present, Mixed Marital Arts or MMA as the sport is popularly called is one of the most widely followed sporting activities and its popularity seems to increase with every passing day all over the world. This particular sport is not for the weak hearted – that’s for sure. On the contrary, it is one of the most brutal, bloody and probably the most dangerous sport that can cause serious harm or even death to players taking part. In spite of that, people all around the world take real pleasure in these MMA fights and enjoy the various fighting styles of the players who participate. The popularity of this sport that we see today was not built overnight. This particular sport has been popular during the ancient times and even the ancient Olympic Games, which were played in Athens, Greece, featured Mixed Marital Arts.

Since then, the versatility of the game that encompasses various types of innovative fighting styles have ensured that the game acquires a special stature of a great combat sport that combines various fighting techniques of Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judo and creates a unique style of its own. The combination of striking &grapplingstyles of fighting in MMA are far more exhilaratingin comparison to the other forms of combat sports that are mainly one-dimensional.

Unlike many other sports, Mixed Martial Arts has a very long history under its belt. As mentioned earlier, this game has its roots in ancient Greece where it was called Pankration. This particular combat sport was for the first time introduced during the ancient Olympic Games in the year 648BC. Since then, the sport went through a series of evolution and transformation in its style and form and finally in the 1800s, Europe saw a number of MMA fighting competitions being held.

These competitions which were held well in the 1900s saw a number of boxers pitted against Jujutsu experts. These fights were called ‘Merika’ and gained immense popularity all over Europe during those days. Then, during the 1920s Vale Tudo tournaments were for the first time introduced in Brazil by the notorious Gracie family and it is this tournament, which is considered to be the origin of the modern day MMA played all over the world. Then subsequently, the sport was further popularized by the legendary Bruce Lee who introduced a unique style of fighting that combined various other martial arts like Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Karate along with other western fighting styles like Boxing. He further popularized his style of fighting with his movies that enthralled everyone all over the world.

Ultimately, Mixed Marital Arts gained the present popularity, with the introduction of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the year 1993. As the popularity of the UFC went on increasing, it gave rise to a string of controversies in politics as well as in the media because of the violence of bloodshed associated. Eventually, the tournament turned out to be a customary sporting event with a string of safety rules that ensured a non-brutal and a more fan-friendly tournament of Mixed Martial Arts and this gave further fillip to the already increasing popularity of the sport.

Hand Wrap Techniques in UFC-MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is after all, a combat sport that asks for incredible amount of physical strength. Your body muscles and joints should be stout and durable enough to withstand the effect of heavy pounding during the fights. Still, at times the continuous rigor over a prolonged period of time takes a toll on the muscles and joints and precautionary measures are needed to minimize the effect. So far as the wrists are concerned, certain hand wrapping techniques that the fighters adopt before putting their gloves on, enable them to guard the wrists against injuries to a large extent. This article discusses the hand wrap techniques adopted by players in Ultimate Fighting Championship MMA.

Even if you put your gloves on, your wrists may not be completely safe from the rigors of Mixed Martial Arts. Hence in order to put an extra precautionary cushion to your wrists, they need to be strapped and wrapped in a particular way. Let us discuss the issue step by step:

  • Firstly, you would need to position your thumb in a circle
  • Now, you need to pull the wrapper tightly (not much so that the blood circulation is affected) and then encircle the wrist with the wrapper quite a number of times.
  • Now, you need to stretch the wrapper up over your knuckles. Repeat it a few times, and follow it up by getting back to your thumb by crossing your hand from left towards right and then again from right towards left, as you progress gradually.
  • Then encircle the wrapper around your thumb, and follow the same around your hand and then again around your thumb. Repeat this for two to three times forming an “x” on the hand as you move from your thumb to the hand and again back to your thumb from the hand.
  • Encircle your wrist with the wrapper twice or so and then follow it up by pulling up to each of your fingers. After you have done so, pull the wrapper back downwards and again around your thumb before you move on to the next finger. You can go on repeating this till you think you have had enough or wrap around your wrist and palm.
  • Give some extra cushion to your knuckles by wrapping them once more. Then draw the wrapper down backwards towards your wrists again by forming that ‘x’ form left to right and vice versa.

After the process is done, close the wrapper off with a Velcro strap that will help the wrapper to stay in place properly and your Mixed Martial Arts wrist wrap is complete.

Check the firmness of the wrapper by squeezing your fingertips. If you find that the fingertips are turning white, it indicates that the wrappers are a bit too tight and you need to loosen them.  Then again, you need to remember that a too loose Mixed Martial Arts wrist wrap will not give you your desired protection while a too tight wrap will prevent you from having the entire motion range of the hand, inhibiting your mobility to a large extent. Besides, it will also stop the normal blood circulation causing a serious injury to your wrists.

Game Title: Batman: Magicka DLC: The Other Side of the Coin (Windows)

Release Date:  June 2012 (USA)

Genre: Action, Adventure

Studio: Arrowhead Game Studios & Pieces Interactive

Price: $4.99


The Magicka juggernaut rolls on. The world of magic that was unfurled by Arrowhead Game Studios & Pieces Interactive has changed with time and has cast a mystical spell on the Magicka Universe. And now with the release of Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin, this 4-player version ostensibly involves the same zombies and monsters, the makers have gone for a sort of role reversal with the players getting into the shoes of Alucart, the satanic Vampire and his Necromancer and fight the goods to thwart the efforts of Vlad to repair the strained relation between dwarves and the elves. The story does not end over there. Or to be more precise, it’s not a game that simply is famous for sole role reversals. Not only the new elements added in the new version have improved the already created mysticism that has left an entire range of gamers awe-struck but they have also managed to add an extra dimension to the concept. How many times you will find this type of role reversal, with the very baddies you were hell-bent to defeat suddenly becoming your comrade?

The story is fairly straight forward, when the world of Magicka slipping into a deepening crisis with Hávindr, the capital city under seize. You cannot lay back in the comfort of your castle enjoying mouth watering hotdogs and cheeses. You set out to help your King and take the fight on to the enemy camp, scurrying your way through as many as 13 levels along the course of the game, with each level brutal than the preceding one. You must survive the blood, the gore and all the violence to defend the kingdom! You have the option of taking help of the innumerable ‘magickal spells’ that come up with eight elements setting up a perfect tone of a warfare. And as you go ahead along the course of the game, you get more and more accustomed with the delicate tactics to get the better of your enemies with the help of the ‘magickal’ prowess of the ancient Magicks. Every now and then your skill and perseverance is tested by the modes of challenges you face coupled with the duels your friends (turned enemies) in the one to one battle modes.

If that has been the tactical side of the story, the other side of the story is that it has changed its angle and so have the 11 architectures that form the skeleton of the game. Four new challenge maps have been introduced – World’s End, OSOTC Arena, Mirror Crystal Cavern Hideout, and the Volcano Hideout. The PvP gets a new Necromancer and a ground-breaking and dynamic spellcasting technique that provides you the liberty of trying out innumerable types of permutation and combinations. Some of the special effects are really never-seen-before new-age that creates a perfect satire & parody of a cliché world full of some intriguing fairy tale fantasies.

We like:

  • The storyline is same though the angle of the protagonists has changed – that’s a new thing for sure. The players get into the shoes of villains of the other versions
  • Four new challenge maps have been introduced – The World’s End, the Mirror Crystal Cavern Hideout, Volcano Hideout, and the OSOTC Arena.
  • Necromancer has been added to PvP along with some new achievements
  • Some extremely innovative as well as dynamic spellcasting system that gives the players option of thousands of new possible combinations
  • The game is available in single player as well as multi-player (up to 4 player) mode

We hate:

  • The magical world depicted in the game seems to appear rather cliché

Official Website of the game:

Windows 8 – An Os With A Difference

Windows 8, the latest OS from Microsoft has certainly managed to create the right buzz with the release of its Consumer Preview.  The all-new interface has been specifically designed for a better Touchscreen experience. Apart from supporting the ARM architecture, Windows 8 also supports X86 processors manufactured by popular makers like Intel and AMD.  The server version of the new OS has been named as Windows Server 8.

Developers, users and just computer enthusiasts from all over the world are looking forward to the unconfirmed October release date. The Consumer Preview has certainly unveiled a few of the features but we are sure that Microsoft has something more in store for us.