Game Title: Batman: Magicka DLC: The Other Side of the Coin (Windows)

Release Date:  June 2012 (USA)

Genre: Action, Adventure

Studio: Arrowhead Game Studios & Pieces Interactive

Price: $4.99


The Magicka juggernaut rolls on. The world of magic that was unfurled by Arrowhead Game Studios & Pieces Interactive has changed with time and has cast a mystical spell on the Magicka Universe. And now with the release of Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin, this 4-player version ostensibly involves the same zombies and monsters, the makers have gone for a sort of role reversal with the players getting into the shoes of Alucart, the satanic Vampire and his Necromancer and fight the goods to thwart the efforts of Vlad to repair the strained relation between dwarves and the elves. The story does not end over there. Or to be more precise, it’s not a game that simply is famous for sole role reversals. Not only the new elements added in the new version have improved the already created mysticism that has left an entire range of gamers awe-struck but they have also managed to add an extra dimension to the concept. How many times you will find this type of role reversal, with the very baddies you were hell-bent to defeat suddenly becoming your comrade?

The story is fairly straight forward, when the world of Magicka slipping into a deepening crisis with Hávindr, the capital city under seize. You cannot lay back in the comfort of your castle enjoying mouth watering hotdogs and cheeses. You set out to help your King and take the fight on to the enemy camp, scurrying your way through as many as 13 levels along the course of the game, with each level brutal than the preceding one. You must survive the blood, the gore and all the violence to defend the kingdom! You have the option of taking help of the innumerable ‘magickal spells’ that come up with eight elements setting up a perfect tone of a warfare. And as you go ahead along the course of the game, you get more and more accustomed with the delicate tactics to get the better of your enemies with the help of the ‘magickal’ prowess of the ancient Magicks. Every now and then your skill and perseverance is tested by the modes of challenges you face coupled with the duels your friends (turned enemies) in the one to one battle modes.

If that has been the tactical side of the story, the other side of the story is that it has changed its angle and so have the 11 architectures that form the skeleton of the game. Four new challenge maps have been introduced – World’s End, OSOTC Arena, Mirror Crystal Cavern Hideout, and the Volcano Hideout. The PvP gets a new Necromancer and a ground-breaking and dynamic spellcasting technique that provides you the liberty of trying out innumerable types of permutation and combinations. Some of the special effects are really never-seen-before new-age that creates a perfect satire & parody of a cliché world full of some intriguing fairy tale fantasies.

We like:

  • The storyline is same though the angle of the protagonists has changed – that’s a new thing for sure. The players get into the shoes of villains of the other versions
  • Four new challenge maps have been introduced – The World’s End, the Mirror Crystal Cavern Hideout, Volcano Hideout, and the OSOTC Arena.
  • Necromancer has been added to PvP along with some new achievements
  • Some extremely innovative as well as dynamic spellcasting system that gives the players option of thousands of new possible combinations
  • The game is available in single player as well as multi-player (up to 4 player) mode

We hate:

  • The magical world depicted in the game seems to appear rather cliché

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