Significance of Sleep in Teenagers

We need sleep to rest our brain. When we sleep our brain goes into a reduced or absent state of consciousness backed by moderately paused sensory activities and idleness of almost all the voluntary muscles of our body. However, our body & our brain keep on functioning actively and normally though with a somewhat reduced ability to react to various stimuli. However, the purpose and the mechanism of sleep are yet to be fully and accurately ascertained by the analysts. However, they have managed to come to the conclusion that in different ages, sleep can have different causes and effects on human life.

Majority of people suffer from sleep deprivation at one point in time of their lives. Occurrence of sleep deprivation once or twice during the entire life span is perfectly alright and there is hardly any reason to worry about that. However, if it happens during the early childhood days, especially during the teens, then that is something to be taken care of at the earliest. This is the time when a human body and mind undergo a series of changes to take a permanent shape and form. Therefore, any aberration at this juncture can make a lot of difference so far as physical and mental structure of the individual is concerned.

Sleeping During Teens: Various Aspects

Technically speaking, teens are perhaps the most vital stages of human life. It is during this stage, when the mind and the body of an individual undergo the maximum extent of change. This is the time when an individual moves over to adolescence from puberty. As a result of this, teens are more prone and responsive to stress and strain than anyone else.

Prolonged study has revealed that various factors including stress and strain tend to have certain effect on the sleeping pattern in the teens. In some, it results in excessive sleeping by disturbing the body clock. This causes these individuals to stay up till late in the night and it becomes virtually impossible to awake them till late in the morning. Again, in some others an altogether different sleeping pattern can be noticed when the individual has hardly any sleep. As per the analysts, it’s the direct effect of the mental changes that take place during the time and the effect of the environment on that changing mindset. This happens when a teen tries a bit too hard to come in terms of the competitiveness in the daily life and its stress & strain. Hence it can be said that sleeping pattern is the physical manifestation of the mental and physical metamorphosis that a teen undergoes.

As per the statistics, much of excessive sleepiness among teens can be attributed to their frustration of not living up to the expectations of their parents. Some other factors like part-time or odd jobs, early-morning schools, excessive pressure of homework, too much extracurricular activities, pressure of meeting the social demands, excessive use of different electronic gadgets including computers are also responsible for sleeplessness during teens. Furthermore, a study conducted by Journal of School Health has also revealed that over 90 percent of modern teens sleep much less than 9 hours per day – the amount of sleep recommended by the physicians. The study also showed that 10 percent of teens sleep less than even six hours per night.

The results have come to the conclusion that nearly 46% of the adolescent subjects put under the survey, scored between 10 and 15 on depression scale, 37% of them scored between 15 and 19, while 17% scored between 20 and 30.

Effects of sleeplessness on teen age body

The activities that we perform round the clock are strictly influenced and in some cases, governed by an internal biological clock. This clock influences the temperature of our body, our sleep cycle, out appetite and various hormonal changes and secretion. The biological & psychological processes of our body that are strictly governed by this 24-hour clock are known as Circadian Rhythms. In case of children who are yet to attain adolescence, the Circadian Rhythm tells the body to fall asleep by 8 or 9 in the night. However, during puberty it directs them to stay awake till 11 or beyond. Hence staying further awake disturbs the body clock and this directly influences the biological and psychological activities of the body.

It is seen that the teens in general, have a propensity of sleeping too little to maintain maximum alertness during the day and make most of the day to complete various activities. Though they require a minimum of nine hours of sleep, that requirement is hardly met, chiefly to meet the demands that the modern students’ life asks for.

Too little sleep during teen age:

  • Restricts the ability of learning and listening, affects concentration and the ability of troubleshooting. It increases forgetfulness to such an extent that the individual in question forgets information like names and numbers, appointments and dates, home work and other things.
  • Results in metabolic disorder that in turns makes the individual susceptible to pimples and other types of skin ailments like acne. 
  • Can give rise to aggressive and inappropriate behavior, temper tantrums while interacting with teachers, family members and friends, for little or no reason along with marked reduction of patience and endurance
  • Can at times result in improper appetite and craving for fast foods during odd hours – a phenomenon that directly affects the metabolic system of the individual in the long run 
  • Will aggravate the effects of substance abuse including alcohol besides heightening the propensity of using caffeine & nicotine
  • Besides these direct effects, too little sleep can also result in the individuals falling asleep in wrong places and at wrong times, especially behind the wheel while driving, causing fatal accidents. 

Other superficial effects of sleeplessness amongst children include symptoms of Irritability & moodiness, signs of hyperactivity, signs of persistence tiredness even after getting up in the morning, fussiness over trivial issues and a nagging attitude & crying, deterioration of performance in school and tuition, clumsiness, poor controlling ability over impulse, short naps during daytime and a reluctance in getting up in morning.

Sleep Deprivation: The Principle Causes

When we tend to discuss the principle causes behind loss of sleep in children during their teens there are a number of factors that can be held accountable. Some of them pose direct effect while others may be indirect, though important reasons behind sleep deprivation.

The principle causes of sleep deprivation amongst children, especially those in their teens are anxiety, strain and stress, hindered or defective physical development, depression and dejection, obesity, lowered immune system, diabetes and so on. Sleep deprivation in children produces an overall impact on their health and leads to serious health conditions.

Let us look into various causes of sleep deprivation in children in details:

  • Intake of excessive caffeine all throughout the day, particularly during night and at the time of going to the bed may result in sleep deprivation
  • If there are too many stimulants in the bedroom like television or music system, computer and other electronic gadgets, it can cause sleep deprivation in teens. This may include getting into the bed with mobile phone as well. 
  • If the child in question has a propensity of waking up too many times during night this can cause loss of sleep.
  • Again, if the child is suffering from any anxiety and stress from prolonged period of time, this can cause some problem for the child when it comes to falling asleep. 
  • Certain issue like periodic movement of limbs, snoring & sleep apnea can also cause hindrance to sleep.
  • Intake of certain medicines for treating certain medical conditions can also result in sleep deprivation.
  • In certain cases, children who have a tendency of playing till late in the evening at times may develop sleep deprivation. Too much physical exercise and hyper-activities can result in secretion of excessive adrenaline, which keeps the muscles tensed and this prevents sleeping.

Dealing with Sleep Deprivation during Teens and Looking For Some Remedy: Some Tips for the Parents and Teachers:

Children suffering from sleep deprivation can cause series of problems at homes or in schools and can turn out to be major headaches for parents at home and teachers in schools. However, dealing with these children asks for a special technique. Children suffering from sleep deprivation shows inattentiveness, suffers from lack of concentration and may fall asleep in the class (while in school) or at odd hours of the day while in home. Scolding them or treating them harshly is not a very wise thing to do as they do not do all these intentionally but due to some shortfall in their physical and mental system. Let us discuss some ways in which to deal with children who are suffering from sleep deprivation during their teens.

  • Ensure that your teen is sleeping for a minimum of eight and a half to nine and a half hours every night. A little less than this for a night or two due to an early morning tuition or class will not make any vast difference. However, see that this does not become habit. Sticking to this routine for a prolonged period of time will help your teen to overcome the habit of not sleeping.
  • Allow your child to sleep till late in the morning if he has stayed up late the previous night. During the weekends and in other holidays, do not wake him up if he is sleeping till late in the morning. Allow him to sleep as much as he can as this will help him make up the lost sleep during the week.
  • Keep a strict vigil to ensure that he spends minimum number of sleepless nights or nights when he has minimum sleep. If the extracurricular activities of his school are taking toll on his sleep, do not hesitate to have a talk to the principle or the concerned teacher.
  • For the teachers, if any student is falling asleep during classes, instead of being harsh on him talk to his parents and draw their attention. Again, if the children tend to fall asleep after working out drills and other extracurricular activities, it is better to talk to the principal and the concerned teacher to see what can be done. Needless to say, the parents should be talked to as well regarding the issue.
  • For the parents, see if your teen is taking too much of coffee. Put a restriction in the intake of coffee & sugar and make sure he takes it only during evenings. Most teens have a propensity of drinking too much beverages and this can cause sleeplessness.
  • It is important to observe the sleeping pattern of your teen very carefully. If he has the habit of snoring, help him out. A wide variety of products are available in the markets that help to stop snoring. Get him one but only after consulting your house physician. If it does not help, consult the doctor for some tips and ask for help if needed.
  • Set a routine for your teen and tell him to abide by it as strictly as possible. Maintain a day to day record of the amount of sleep your child gets every night. If you find that your child is sleeping less than what is needed, set fresh guidelines and make sure he gets more time to sleep. Be strict to send him to bed early in the night and see he actually sleeps. Remove all the sleep deterrents like computer, lap top, music system, and other electronic gadgets from his bedroom. If needed, do not allow him to go to bed with his mobile.
  • Change the color of the walls of his room. Put up darker curtains and make sure the night lamp is soothing enough that should encourage sleep.
  • If needed you can start counseling your teen. Talk to him and try to make out what really is keeping him awake.
  • Make out if he is suffering from sleep disorder. If so, he needs immediate medical attention. The symptoms of a simple sleeping problem and a sleep disorder are somewhat identical at the beginning. If you are not sure, you can get him to your house physician to be on safer side. Sleep disorder, if not diagnosed and treated can give rise to serious consequences later on.
  • Do not allow him to get over tired and then drive.
  • Last but not be least, do not self-diagnose. If you are not confident about the situation, do not think twice before getting to a doctor.

Before concluding, it should be mentioned that in certain cases parents are responsible for the sleep deprivation in their teens. Either they are too much ignorant about the habits their teens are developing or they are encouraging in certain activities like watching television till late in the night, letting the children watching movies of too much violence and horror or letting them chat to friends over phone for too long. These habits, if allowed to carry on for too long will definitely give rise to sleeplessness subsequently. Old habits die hard and so it’s better to follow the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. Refrain from helping your teen from developing these habits. As he grows up, be a bit stringent so that he thinks twice before doing something that may be harmful to his body clock and his sleeping pattern. Bring up your child rather smartly instead of repenting later on.


Give Your Back a Rest – 5 Easy Ways to Get Relief

When I started my own home based business way back in 2009, I was highly excited. This was a new venture for me; almost a new chapter of my life and I wished to give my 100% to make it successful. Initially I was very enthusiastic and naturally gave lots of effort to my business. Though initially I assumed that I wouldn’t have to work much hard like those who travel to office regularly, I was soon proved wrong. Within months, I realized that my job was no less hectic my office-going counterparts.

In fact, I had to sit at a stretch for 8 to 10 hours on my chair to do regular business related tasks, handle my clients and to coordinate with my freelancers as well. These long hours took a toll on my back and soon I began suffering from terrible pain throughout my spine. Mornings became a nightmare when I woke up with stiffness and inflammation as well in my back. There was no other way but to visit Dr. Liboy Bonny, my family physician. He diagnosed that the pain was caused by over work and sitting for long hours at a stretch in the same position.Image Courtesy "Getty Images"

Buddies, beware! Though I have recovered a lot after following his suggestions and medication, those of you who have sedentary working habits like me, should take care as well. My doctor in fact gave me some effective tips to give my back a rest and keep the pain at bay. I would like to share them with you all. After all you cannot enjoy your job (no matter wherefrom you are doing it) with a pain in your back.

How to Save Your Back from Pain?

  • Whenever you are sitting, make sure that you have enough support for your lower back. When I started working from home, I neglected making for proper seating arrangement. I used my old regular chair for my job. However, you should always choose the right type of chair when you need to sit for a long time. Whether you are at an office or working from home; right sized chair is a must in order to avoid any kind of back pain.
  • Try to avoid leaning towards one particular side when sitting on a chair. Also try to avoid overstuffed furniture that cannot provide enough support to your spine which is very essential for a painless back.
  • While working on computer, make sure that you place the PC adjusting to your eye level. Otherwise you will feel a tremendous back pain after a while.
  • Never ever sit for as long as half an hour without taking any break. You may have plenty of work, deadlines, client’s calls and many more important matters to take care of, but remember nothing is more important than your health. During the initial days of my home-based business, I was so excited about my career that I ignored my health a lot. And I had to pay for that and was forced to take a break of 3 months to get recovery from my back pain. So I would like to request you all not to repeat my mistake.
  • Try to do some exercise daily. It will help you to obtain a good physique and you can get rid of several kinds of pains and aches as well. Some ailments can be cured only through exercise and yoga, such as spondylosis and other bone-related disorders. So regular exercise will help you to keep away nominal back pains.

Hence, these are some process through which you can keep your back safe during your work. These processes are useful for both the office-goers and those who work from home. Those, who need to sit for long hours on chairs, can follow these tips in order to obtain a painless experience while working.

How to Apply TCA Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are well known as remedies of various skin ailments. If you are like me, struggling with several skin issues on every next day, you must be aware of chemical peels by now. In chemical peels, an acid is used to remove scars and marks on the skin. It must be mentioned here that I have largely benefitted from TCA chemical peels and find it really effective with faster and long lasting result. TCA stands for Trichloroacetic acid which is used to remove fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation marks and wrinkles from skin. It helps the skin to get back its lost glow and makes you look 10 years younger. When I was going through the chemical peel treatment process, I get to know about several ways of TCA peels application. If you want to know how to apply TCA chemical peels, you would rather stay with me in my post.

Well, before I tell you how to apply these peels, I would like to share with you where to go for this treatment. For TCA peel treatment, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon. You can search on the net and fix an appointment with the surgeon for the treatment at his or her clinic.

Other than the cosmetic surgeons, there are renowned and experienced beauticians who can help you in this treatment. You can go to your parlor or spa to opt for TCA chemical peels treatment on several of your body parts.
However, if you prefer some more privacy you apply these peels at your home. Yes, you have read correctly, “at your home”. In order to enjoy the benefits of this treatment at home you need to buy the at-home TCA peel kits. In such case you must be well aware about the proper use of the TCA peel.
However, whether you visit a salon or your home for the treatment, the method of application of the TCA chemical peels remains same. You need to clean your face and neck or the spotted area well. Remove all kind of make up from your skin and let it be dirt free. Now, use an astringent lotion in order to purify the top layer of your skin. Now apply the TCA peel with the help of a brush on the affected area. Leave your skin in this condition for 5 minutes and let the TCA do its work. After 5 minutes use a napkin to remove the extra acid and wash your skin with warm water.
Normally, the entire process takes 15 minutes. Two or three sessions are recommended by the doctors or beauticians to get perfect result.
I hope my tips on the process of application of TCA peels on your skin, will be of good help.

How TCA Chemical Peels Work

Chemical peels are very popular methods of skin care and scar removal. If you are aware about the term “chemical peels”, you must know that there are several types of chemical peels available in the market. They can be differentiated according to the groups of acid that are used in their composition. TCA is the short form of Trichloroacetic acid and is also used as a chemical peel. I have seen TCA chemical peels as the mostly commonly used chemical peels in the market. These peels are used to remove scars, fine lines and wrinkles from our skin’s top layer. However, I think many of you may want to know how TCA chemical peels work on our skin. Actually I had the same question in mind when I heard about the chemical peels for the very first time and I searched on internet to get the answer.

Well after doing a good research on the net and visiting my dermatologist friend- Brian, I found out about the working procedure of the TCA chemical peels. Today I am going to share this with you. But before that you need to know a little about our skin as well.

Our skin has three layers; top, middle and lower layer. The top 2 layers have some sub-layers.

The top layer of our skin is known as epidermis. This layer has pigment cells and our skin color is defined by these cells. This layer constantly sheds the old cells of the skin and welcomes the new one that rise from the deep down. We use lotions, creams and make up on the top layer of our skin.

On the other hand the middle layer is known as dermis. This layer of our skin is supported by a collagen and elastin framework. There are facial fillers, nerves, blood vessels and hair follicles as well.

The main job of TCA chemical peels is to remove the epidermis to a depth. The strength of the peel will decide how deep the removal will be. Peels stimulates dermis in order to produce new skin cells to replace the old dead ones. Normally, peels should be applied in series to keep the reproduction of new cells going on and to help the dermis to be stimulated for a long time. Once you apply the peels on your skin, your skin begins to become frosty. The peel will be neutralized once the desired depth is reached.

This is the amazing work process of popular chemical peels which makes me astonished. I think now you get a good idea about how chemical peels work and will not be afraid of using it.

How Often TCA Chemical Peel Can Be Applied

Nowadays my younger sister Lucy is visiting a dermatologist to get rid of some spots on her face. Actually, she has some acne scars which bother her very much and wants to correct her skin texture as well. . Lucy is not like me; she is much more organized and likes to manage her things in a planned manner. That is why she did not waste her time in trying a beauty cream or a lotion to solve her problem and directly consulted a dermatologist. I accompanied her to the clinic of the doctor. There I came to know about the effective use of TCA chemical peels to get rid of multiple skin issues including acne scars. Trichloroacetic acid is the full form of TCA and is very effective in removing scars and marks from the upper layer of our skin. The dermatologist also told me about how often TCA chemical peel can be applied. Let me share the details with you all.

The doctor told us that there is a particular process of applying the chemical peels on the skin. There has to be a minimum interval between two sessions of the treatment. Though the treatment is very effective to solve skin-related issues, it does not mean that you can try it every alternative week to have a glowing skin. Like all other standard skin treatments, TCA chemical peels treatment is also done following a certain time schedule. There is also a limit on the frequency of the sessions you can go for. Normally the chemical peels treatment can be repeated after 4 to 6 weeks from the first treatment. Actually, the skin area on which the acid is initially applied needs to be healed well before the solution is applied again on the same area.

According to my personal understanding, you should completely rely on your dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon or beauty expert from whom you are going to buy the treatment. The experts should fix the duration of interval between sessions of TCA chemical peels treatment on your skin. Since everyone has individual types of problem and should need different types of treatment and care, so it should be decided by the skin experts that how often chemical peel can be applied on skin. Normally, I have noticed that for serious skin problems experts suggest frequent peel treatment, while for mild skin issues one treatment is enough.

How Long to Avoid Make Up While Considering TCA Chemical Peels Treatment

I am very happy today indeed. My friend Bella’s wedding has been finalized and the date is scheduled for next month. She came to my house yesterday to share the news but looked a little upset though. When I asked her the reason she told me that she is undergoing TCA chemical peels treatment to get rid of her acne scars since the past one month now. In fact she is done with the first 2 sessions and the last one is due next Saturday. Initially, I was not able to understand what is the connection between the TCA peel treatment and marriage? It seemed like connecting apples and oranges to me. Later she explained that after she is not supposed to wear any kind of make up for several days after this treatment. Now she was very worried what if she cannot make her face up on her D- day. Being a woman I could feel her anxiety. So I suggested her to ask her dermatologist how long to avoid make up while considering TCA chemical peels treatment. In fact, once she consults her doctor about this, she can plan accordingly.

After Bella left my house, I somehow could not rest in peace. I began searching on the net about this and found some interesting facts which I want to share with you. According to the skin experts, you should avoid applying makeup on your skin for around 7 days after the skin has completely peeled which means near about 20 days after the treatment since the skin needs 10 to 15 days to peel completely. And I think after that Bella can make up as much as she wants on the wedding.

As I searched more I found that makeup is prohibited not only for few days after the TCA chemical peels treatment, but also before the treatment as well. Dermatologists suggest that the patient should stop using all kind of make up at least 6 to 7 days before the treatment. Even when you go to meet your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon you should not wear makeup. It will help the doctor to understand the real condition of your skin.

I realize that doctors suggest avoiding makeup on skin immediate after the TCA chemical peels treatment because many make up items as well as beauty products have chemical solutions in them. On the other hand acid peel itself is a chemical solution; hence makeup can create some negative effect on the skin until the effect of acid peel is completely removed from our skin.

I am planning to call Bella today and tell her about my findings on this matter. I hope this will relieve her a lot.

Easy-to-follow Tips to Use TCA Chemical Peels at Home

Chemical peels are normally used to remove unwanted marks from the top layer of one’s skin. If you are facing problems with acne, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation marks or other types of scars on your skin, you can try TCA chemical peels. The “at home” advantage of these peels has made them more popular among the users who want to get relief from several skin related ailments without facing the hassle of visiting a clinic or a salon. In order to reduce skin imperfections, chemical peels are very effective with faster result than ready-made beauty products. You will come across several TCA chemical peel kits which can be used safely at home to remove the marks on your skin in a setting of privacy. However, there are some specific methods to apply these chemical peel kits for skin treatment at home. If you don’t follow the proper steps you may not find the desired result.

In order to obtain the finest result, go by some easy-to-follow tips to use TCA chemical peels at home.

  • First of all, choose the right home kits of chemical peels. TCA chemical peels have trichloroethanoic acid. Each of these acids addresses different types of skin issues and you should consult your dermatologist before you choose any one of them.
  • Not only the right acid group but you must be aware about the right dose as well.
  • Before you begin the treatment, you should remove make up from your face or the part of your skin where the peel is to be applied. Clean the area thoroughly so that no dirt remains on skin.
  • After cleaning the skin, use an astringent lotion to purify the upper layer of your skin. It helps you to remove all kind of impurities and sebum from your skin.
  • Now take a brush to apply the peeling acid on your skin. Make sure that you are not using the acid on the areas around your lips, nostril and eyes.
  • Wait for 5 to 6 minutes and let the acid do its work.
  • Now use a napkin to remove the excess peeling acid and clean your skin with warm water.
  • Let the skin dry and then use an after peeling cream to ensure hydration of the skin.
  • Normally, TCA chemical peels should be used for 2 or 3 sessions to get positive and effective result.