The 5 New Features of iPhone 5

When the much awaited iPhone 5 was finally declared to be launched in the market in the month of September by Apple executives, the hearts of all the gadget freaks and technology lovers got filled with excitement. However, this was just the beginning because everybody already knew that iPhone 5 will be loaded with new and better features. And when it was finally unveiled, people could see that what was promised was delivered.  The new iPhone breed with its fantastic features looks amazing and can soon become someone’s best friend or a silent love. Although it has many new features incorporated within it, there are 5 specific ones which deserve special mention. These include its attractive design, LTE, iOS 6’s Maps and Passbook, camera and larger screen.

Top 5 Features

Attractive Design: iPhone 5 may have looked similar to the old iPhones in pictures, but in reality it does have noticeable differences. This phone is a lot lighter and slimmer compared to the old versions of iPhone. The use of new materials makes it appear quite different. The back side of this phone is covered with aluminum to ensure that when you hold it, there will not be any mark of your fingerprints left on its body. It is available in white and silver edition and slate and black version.

LTE: If you own iPhone 4 and was wondering whether iPhone 5 is worth taking or not, this feature can perhaps remove all confusions. Enabled with wireless LTE technology, this phone can quickly connect to major USA networks like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Faster browsing speeds and application downloads makes it a must-have item in your life. Additionally, its processor is also better.

iOS 6’s Maps and Passbook: This phone is offered with new iOS 6 software, which can also be used in older handsets. The new iOS 6 software by Apple contains many exciting features, but the one which is the real eye catcher is its new Maps app. This application gives you 3-D version of cities and buildings along with advanced navigation features. In addition, you will also find a Passbook application in this software which can keep all your tickets, boarding passes and coupons at one place for easy retrieval.

Camera: In iPhone 5, another novelty is its camera. It is better, thinner and faster. You can use its iSight camera to click new pictures faster. It is enabled with panorama mode and better HDR functions. Adding to this, you can click photos with this phone from the power on screen even when you have not entered your password or swiped your finger.

Larger Screen: This phone features a large 4-inch screen and the best part is that it’s not done only with the purpose to show off. Its screen is longer compared to the older ones, but not wider. Because of large screen, the phone can accommodate extra row of icons and show more images and texts contained in a website page. You may not find much difference in its Retina display, but its color display is definitely brighter.