How to Apply TCA Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are well known as remedies of various skin ailments. If you are like me, struggling with several skin issues on every next day, you must be aware of chemical peels by now. In chemical peels, an acid is used to remove scars and marks on the skin. It must be mentioned here that I have largely benefitted from TCA chemical peels and find it really effective with faster and long lasting result. TCA stands for Trichloroacetic acid which is used to remove fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation marks and wrinkles from skin. It helps the skin to get back its lost glow and makes you look 10 years younger. When I was going through the chemical peel treatment process, I get to know about several ways of TCA peels application. If you want to know how to apply TCA chemical peels, you would rather stay with me in my post.

Well, before I tell you how to apply these peels, I would like to share with you where to go for this treatment. For TCA peel treatment, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon. You can search on the net and fix an appointment with the surgeon for the treatment at his or her clinic.

Other than the cosmetic surgeons, there are renowned and experienced beauticians who can help you in this treatment. You can go to your parlor or spa to opt for TCA chemical peels treatment on several of your body parts.
However, if you prefer some more privacy you apply these peels at your home. Yes, you have read correctly, “at your home”. In order to enjoy the benefits of this treatment at home you need to buy the at-home TCA peel kits. In such case you must be well aware about the proper use of the TCA peel.
However, whether you visit a salon or your home for the treatment, the method of application of the TCA chemical peels remains same. You need to clean your face and neck or the spotted area well. Remove all kind of make up from your skin and let it be dirt free. Now, use an astringent lotion in order to purify the top layer of your skin. Now apply the TCA peel with the help of a brush on the affected area. Leave your skin in this condition for 5 minutes and let the TCA do its work. After 5 minutes use a napkin to remove the extra acid and wash your skin with warm water.
Normally, the entire process takes 15 minutes. Two or three sessions are recommended by the doctors or beauticians to get perfect result.
I hope my tips on the process of application of TCA peels on your skin, will be of good help.


How TCA Chemical Peels Work

Chemical peels are very popular methods of skin care and scar removal. If you are aware about the term “chemical peels”, you must know that there are several types of chemical peels available in the market. They can be differentiated according to the groups of acid that are used in their composition. TCA is the short form of Trichloroacetic acid and is also used as a chemical peel. I have seen TCA chemical peels as the mostly commonly used chemical peels in the market. These peels are used to remove scars, fine lines and wrinkles from our skin’s top layer. However, I think many of you may want to know how TCA chemical peels work on our skin. Actually I had the same question in mind when I heard about the chemical peels for the very first time and I searched on internet to get the answer.

Well after doing a good research on the net and visiting my dermatologist friend- Brian, I found out about the working procedure of the TCA chemical peels. Today I am going to share this with you. But before that you need to know a little about our skin as well.

Our skin has three layers; top, middle and lower layer. The top 2 layers have some sub-layers.

The top layer of our skin is known as epidermis. This layer has pigment cells and our skin color is defined by these cells. This layer constantly sheds the old cells of the skin and welcomes the new one that rise from the deep down. We use lotions, creams and make up on the top layer of our skin.

On the other hand the middle layer is known as dermis. This layer of our skin is supported by a collagen and elastin framework. There are facial fillers, nerves, blood vessels and hair follicles as well.

The main job of TCA chemical peels is to remove the epidermis to a depth. The strength of the peel will decide how deep the removal will be. Peels stimulates dermis in order to produce new skin cells to replace the old dead ones. Normally, peels should be applied in series to keep the reproduction of new cells going on and to help the dermis to be stimulated for a long time. Once you apply the peels on your skin, your skin begins to become frosty. The peel will be neutralized once the desired depth is reached.

This is the amazing work process of popular chemical peels which makes me astonished. I think now you get a good idea about how chemical peels work and will not be afraid of using it.

How Often TCA Chemical Peel Can Be Applied

Nowadays my younger sister Lucy is visiting a dermatologist to get rid of some spots on her face. Actually, she has some acne scars which bother her very much and wants to correct her skin texture as well. . Lucy is not like me; she is much more organized and likes to manage her things in a planned manner. That is why she did not waste her time in trying a beauty cream or a lotion to solve her problem and directly consulted a dermatologist. I accompanied her to the clinic of the doctor. There I came to know about the effective use of TCA chemical peels to get rid of multiple skin issues including acne scars. Trichloroacetic acid is the full form of TCA and is very effective in removing scars and marks from the upper layer of our skin. The dermatologist also told me about how often TCA chemical peel can be applied. Let me share the details with you all.

The doctor told us that there is a particular process of applying the chemical peels on the skin. There has to be a minimum interval between two sessions of the treatment. Though the treatment is very effective to solve skin-related issues, it does not mean that you can try it every alternative week to have a glowing skin. Like all other standard skin treatments, TCA chemical peels treatment is also done following a certain time schedule. There is also a limit on the frequency of the sessions you can go for. Normally the chemical peels treatment can be repeated after 4 to 6 weeks from the first treatment. Actually, the skin area on which the acid is initially applied needs to be healed well before the solution is applied again on the same area.

According to my personal understanding, you should completely rely on your dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon or beauty expert from whom you are going to buy the treatment. The experts should fix the duration of interval between sessions of TCA chemical peels treatment on your skin. Since everyone has individual types of problem and should need different types of treatment and care, so it should be decided by the skin experts that how often chemical peel can be applied on skin. Normally, I have noticed that for serious skin problems experts suggest frequent peel treatment, while for mild skin issues one treatment is enough.

Do You Want to Look Young? Try out TCA Chemical Peels

There is hardly anybody on this planet who doesn’t want to stay and look young. At least I don’t know anyone personally who hates his or her youth and wishes for to grow older soon. Rather most of the people try to find out several ways to look younger even at their 40s and 50s. Well, I think modern medical science has given them the courage to dream of an everlasting youth with the help of Botox treatment, cosmetic surgery and several wonder-working chemical peels. I often come across people mentioning TCA chemical peels skin treatment to stay young. It seems that these chemical peels effectively help you to obtain younger looking skin. I strongly suggest that try out TCA chemical peels if you want to look young.

TCA is typically used for superficial peels. These peels have lower concentration of acid and are effective against small scars, fine wrinkles, pigmentations spots, freckles, acne and other kind of shallow skin conditions.

As we grow, we start complaining against acne, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation and whenever we get a chance, we look for empathy from others, be it at the gym, your son’s school or a grocery store. It’s high time you look for effective remedies instead. Though there are multiple skin treatment creams available in the market that claim complete recovery from these skin ailments, I personally haven’t been satisfied with any of them. However, take my word for it, the skin treatment with the TCA chemical peels really work wonders. My elder sister, Joana tried these peels for anti-ageing treatment and it caused a marked change in her look. Normally, chemical peels can provide you longer, younger and clearer skin which you always desire to have. And in fact, many of my colleagues also vouch for the benefits of TCA chemical peels kits.

I have seen several women choosing chemical peels over skin correction beauty products since they find the peels faster and more effective as well. They don’t need to wait for weeks or months to see the results. Only few sessions of skin treatment with these chemical peels and your skin will look younger and better. The acid which is present in TCA peels chemically burn the upper layer of the skin without damaging the other layers. So you can easily get relief from the skin related issues that normally appear on the top level of the skin.

However, before you try out these chemical peels for your skin treatment it would be better to consult a dermatologist and take his or her advice on the same. Hence, if you too want to look young and ravishing, try out the TCA chemical peels and enjoy being the cynosure.

Do I Need to Prepare My Skin before TCA Chemical Peels Skin Treatment

Last week I visited a dermatologist. Actually, the appointment was not for me but for my sister-in-law Sophia. She is 28 years old and has some skin ailments. She has some acne scars on her face and naturally she wants to get rid of these ugly marks. Sophia was told by one of her friends about TCA chemical peels treatment for this problem. She went to the dermatologist for a professional opinion on the same. The doctor recommended TCA peels to Sophia after examining her scars. She has managed to get her appointment for the first session next month. Seated inside the doctor’s clinic, I was toying with a general query in my mind. After a few minutes of dilemma, I popped up the question– Do I need to prepare my skin before TCA chemical peels skin treatment? The doctor said “yes, you do”. Then the dermatologist has told us how we should prepare our skin for such treatment to obtain the finest result.

Let me share with you all what we learnt from the dermatologist. First of all you should select the time for the session very carefully. Since after going through this treatment, you should not go out in the sun, you should schedule your treatment when you don’t need to go outside during daytime. Avoid using any kind of exfoliation or shaving cream at least 20 to 30 days before the treatment. In this way you can condition your skin for the Trichloroacetic or TCA chemical peels. Apply Alpha hydroxy acid lotion on the areas you are about to treat before going to bed each night. Try to avoid make up and other kind of cosmetic use on your face from 2 or 3 days ahead of the treatment.

On the day of the session, before the acid is applied on your face, clean your skin completely. You can use high quality face wash or cleanser to remove the dirt and make up from your face. After cleaning your face, use an astringent cream to remove all kind of impurities from the top layer of your skin.

The dermatologist laid much emphasis on cleaning the affected area of the skin because, according to him unclean skin cannot benefit from the effect of TCA chemical peels treatment.

After hearing what the doctor had to say, Sophia chose to follow his advice till she took the chemical peels skin treatment.

Benefits of Using TCA Chemical Peels in Cosmetic Surgery

Skin ailments is a common problem; especially in the today’s world where purity is a rare thing to find. With impure food, pollution and ever-changing environment we are often affected by skin ailments. For example, say , my friend Shirley, a 29 years old customer executive has lots of skin related issues such as wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars, uneven skin tones and many more to list. She always keeps trying newer methods to get rid of these problems. The latest resort for her is now the TCA chemical peels treatment. After trying dozens of lotions and other beauty products, she has now decided to consult a cosmetic surgeon. The doctor advised her to go for TCA chemical peels. Since Shirley takes me with her whenever she goes to meet the doctor, I also come to know a lot about chemical peels. I learnt a lot about the benefits of TCA chemical peels in cosmetic surgery.

We all are aware of cosmetic surgery as a popular way of removing marks or fixing facial imperfection along with correcting and restoring health of several body parts. With passing course of time people are becoming more and more aware about this type of medical specialty and want to avail it in order to solve several skin related issues.

However, people like me avoid surgeons since we hate surgeries. I personally believe that surgery is a dangerous medical process and I wish not to face it in my entire life time. But when I got to know about TCA chemical peels, I became a little surprised. It is considered as a part of cosmetic surgery but without scissors, retractors and scalpels. Amazing, isn’t it?

For those, who are afraid of surgical instruments, TCA chemical peels treatment is a great way of enjoying the magic of cosmetic surgery. With this treatment one can get back a flawless skin with no marks, no wrinkles and no scars and that is also without a single touch of all the above-mentioned devices.

TCA chemical peels offer faster result through brief sessions. Unlike regular cosmetic surgeries the patients don’t need to get admitted into the hospital or wait for a long to for recovery. Just 2 or 3 sessions and you can see the magic of chemical peels. Moreover, this type of treatment in cosmetic surgery is less expensive and hence people don’t hesitate to try this out.

I find that the main motto of cosmetic surgery is to give a perfect shape and form to a certain body part and TCA chemical peels can do it in a painless and hassle-free manner.